The Best Stationary Bike Stands of 2021

If you already have a bike, it’s a bit perplexing to consider getting another one that doesn’t move, conjuring up an unbidden image of a stud that’s been neutered. However, as much as we’d wish it otherwise, in today’s climate it is necessary to have some way of exercising without leaving the house. Additionally, for professional bikers suddenly forced to stay indoors, the fear of losing hard-won physical fitness is a daunting one.

Luckily, stationary bike stands allow you to have your cake and eat it too. Not only do you not have to buy a new bike, but you can have a bike that moves yet stays still when you want it to. Suspending your wheel slightly above the floor, your bike becomes stationary, allowing you to get that exercise in without running into the walls.

Today’s market advertises countless models of bike stands from different sellers, and when ordering online, it’s always hard to tell the good from the bad. Therefore, in this article we’ll not only go over the main criteria important to look at when buying a stationary bike stand but also the 5 best stationary bike stands currently available on the market.

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What Should I Look For When Buying a Stationary Bike Stand?

Always important to know what your priorities are, since they will determine which criteria carry more weight, the criteria for buying a bike stand are not dissimilar for those to buy any other product. Whenever you’re making a purchase, the goal is not to spend more than the item is worth to you or more than its inherent value. To that end, the 5 criteria we use are cost, function, appearance, warranty, and ratings.

#1. Cost: Until the end of the world or the arrival of heaven on earth, the cost of something will distinguish between what is accessible and what is not. Anyone from religious budgeters to the happily comfortable will have a cutoff point that they cannot pass, and that will limit the applicable options.

#2. Function: The effectiveness of the stand and its design play a big part in how useful it is and how willing you are to buy it.

#4. Appearance: While not more important than if the stand actually works, no one wants to buy or have a product lying around the house that doesn’t look so good. The shape, height, width, and even color all contribute to the overall look and feeling the stationary bike stand provides to the space.

#4. Warranty: The warranty is a reassuring way to see how much a company believes in its product. Generally, when products are good, companies have no problem giving better warranty policies. It is only when the product is flimsy or poorly constructed that the warranty policies tend to conveniently not cover so much. Also, in case of malfunction or faulty merchandise, the warranty will be an important resource in the aim of not wasting your money.

#5. Ratings: These tell us how it went for others like us, just trying to get a good workout. While the companies are motivated to think the best of their own products, the consumers have a much more honest experience and can tell us how the product functions in the real world. Faults and irritating quirks – all these are diligently and gleefully recorded by other consumers, and we can harness this information to our best interests – using it to cull out the bad from the good.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Stationary Bike Stand for You

When looking through all that the Internet has to offer, I used our chosen criteria to comb through and eliminate those that had lower scores in function, appearance, warranty, and ratings, and used cost to determine if what was being offered was worth the price. Then, within those parameters, I further groomed the list down to 5 where each one offered something different from the others, so that customers looking for different qualities can all be satisfied. Keeping in mind that the below list is not organized from best to worst, let’s run through the 5 best stationary bike stands of 2021.

#1: Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand (Best Value General Use Bike Stand)

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The Sportneer bike stand frame is made of alloy steel and is available in two colors – red or black. With a wide-set base and including 5 anti-slip rubber feet with strong steel connectors at the joints, the Sportneer is stable and supportive, allowing you to exercise stress-free. The Sportneer has a classic, slightly curved frame and includes a support block for the front wheel, balancing out your ride and giving you a much better experience. 

With six magnetic resistance levels that simulate flat and climbing conditions and a noise-reducing resistance wheel at the point of contact between the rear tire and the bike stand, this small spinning wheel reduces wear on your tire and mitigates the noise from the repetitive tire spin against the resistance. The Sportneer is meant to be used with a road bike, so if a mountain bike is used, the tread on the tires will make this exercise much louder. However, the spinning noise-canceling wheel is still a great addition to this contraption.

The Sportneer Bike Stand is built with convenience as its objective allowing you to easily clamp in and unclip when you’re ready to exercise or go outdoors. Additionally, the Sportneer can accommodate a range of road bikes, ranging from 26 to 28 inches in diameter, or a 700c wheel, as well as axles between 4.92 and 6.57 inches, allowing you to clip in with multiple bikes and expanding compatibility. With a small convenient dial that hooks up to the handlebars, switching between resistance levels is as easy as switching gears, and your ride is made natural and fun by not having to stop, dismount, adjust, and then restart.

The Sportneer Bike Stand sells at a decent price – not the cheapest on the market, but certainly not the most expensive. Also, when it comes to these sorts of things, it’s not always the best idea to get cheap, crap metal that folds on you and leads to injury. While in the original purchase there is no included warranty, with a small additional price hike, the bike stand is protected under a two-year plan, more than ensuring great service from a very affordable purchase, paying for itself within a month of consistent exercise.

The Sportneer Stationary Bike Stand had very high reviews and was much beloved by consumers, with many comments on the stability, the convenience, and how it outlawed any excuse not to work out. In terms of any complaints, the Sportneer, like most bike stands, received the complaint of being loud. Since these designs are essentially your back wheel rubbing against resistance with greater or less difficulty, the noise is inevitable, however with road tires and the addition of the rotating resistance wheel, the noise is dampened. The other negative comment was that if going at intense speeds, there was severe wear on the tire. This is once again true for all bike stands, so while unfortunate, the Sportneer does a good job of mitigating wear and tear as much as possible. 

Due to its great overall rating, the Sportneer is a good option for anyone looking for a solid bike stand they can depend on using for consistent, tough workouts when going outside is inconvenient or impossible.

#2: Alpcour Stationary Bike Trainer (Best Bike Stand)

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The Alpcour is a black stainless steel frame with every condition thought of for the ideal biking experience. Black, the Alpcour has 6 magnetic resistance level settings and can accommodate both road and mountain bikes, making this versatile and more useful to you, the consumer. The Alpcour looks high end and well apportioned, and with its high-quality flywheel that spins during workouts, your wheel is not destroyed but still receives good levels of resistance, with minimal noise. 

The resistance level is controlled through a dial that attaches to the handlebars. Included within the buy is the mount for the front wheel and a bag for easy travel. The anti-slip rubber pads join with the rest to create a safe, efficient, fun exercise that pushes you to the max without stress.

The bike hooks in easily with the lever, and like the Sportneer, accommodates 26 to 28 inch diameter or 700c wheels and 4.92 to 6.57 inch axles. When no longer in use, this stationary bike stand folds down easily to a negligible 7 inches, allowing for easy transportation and no loss of floor space for this small, unobtrusive contraption.

On the pricier side of stationary bike stands, the Alpcour comes with a 1-year warranty and was extremely well rated by buyers, who said that the Alpcour comes pre-assembled and is quiet. One user said that he weighs over 275 lbs. and that he felt completely comfortable on this stand.

A major point in the Alpcour speaks to the quality – of the many reviews, there were very few complaints. While every stationary bike stand produces noise, the Alpcour didn’t have reviews to the effect of it being loud, meaning that within this range, it is quieter and less irritating than the other models, making a good case for you to spend a little more. For anyone who can afford to spend a little more to protect their tires and minimize noise, this is the best stationary bike stand for you.

#3: BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand (Best Resistance Level Range)

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The BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand is another black, steel frame. Able to accommodate both mountain and road bike tires, the BalanceFrom bike stand is fit for 26-28 inch or 700c tires, and has 8 magnetic resistance levels, giving the rider more control over the difficulty level of the ride than the previous models do.

The BalanceFrom can be used on any type of flooring without the worry of scratches. The included rubber feet add support and stability, as well as protect your floors from the steel of the frame. The Balance can hold up to 330 lbs. and has an easy-to-install and easy-to-release design. With the touch of a lever you can have your bike locked into place or freed to move.

The resistance level controller is mounted onto the handlebars, and the included quick-release skewer helps to make everything efficient and streamlined, letting you enjoy the motion and exercise. While this model works to minimize noise, any time mountain bike tires are in use the noise will be greater, by virtue of the thicker more ridged tire treads. Like the Sportneer and Alpcour, the BalanceFrom comes with a riser block for the front wheel, helping to keep your bike level and the forward tilt natural.

The 2-year warranty offered with the BalanceFrom is comprehensive and very generous, ensuring that you get full bang for your buck for your indoor bicycle trainer. The price is low as these things go, so the BalanceFrom is guaranteed to last you a long time and not break the bank.

This heavy-duty indoor trainer scored well among the shoppers, with one consumer commenting that, as a 280 lbs. guy, he felt rock solid on this bike stand and that, while the trainer was loud with his bike, the sound was manageable and legitimized due to the mountain bike tires.

Significantly on the cheaper side than other models and offering lots of security and high-quality durability, the BalanceFrom is great for anyone looking for a trustworthy bicycle trainer made from heavy-duty steel and offering 8 resistance levels for a fine-tuned, customized resistance specific to you. The BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand is the ideal indoor training stand for you and your biking needs.

#4: Yaheetech Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand (Best Low-Cost Bike Stand)

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The Yaheetech is shiny black and made from steel, iron, and aluminum for the ultimate strong, durable frame. All thick metal and straight lines, the Yaheetech implements magnetic resistance for a powerful, solid workout with a happy balance between difficulty and enjoyment.

Suited to road bikes, the Yaheetech has the widest axle accommodation of all the models on this list, effectively locking in any axle between 3.7 and 7.5 inches. In an attempt to increase the security of the stand, Yaheetech implements a unique design of a double locking system, ensuring maximum stability during your ride.

The Yaheetech Bike Stand tolerates a maximum of 265 lbs. and is compatible with road bike tires measuring 26-28 inches or 700c wheels. Folded, the bike stand is 7 inches wide, allowing for a convenient routine of getting it out in the morning and then putting it away to start your day. This is a trainer stand suitable for someone who is hoping to get some blood flow and movement into their day, as there is only one resistance setting, so the trick here is the length of the workout and not increased resistance.

Included within the purchase are the adjustable feet, allowing you to level your floor and protect it from scratches caused by the stand and bike. The magnetic resistance is smooth and quiet, giving you a relaxing workout that does not disrupt the other members of the household or upset the dog. The Yaheetech company does recommend using slick tires and a carpeted surface to further reduce sound, and with these conditions, your workout can be effective and comfortable while it pours outside.

The Yaheetech trainer bike stand is the most affordable of all the indoor bike trainers listed above, making it accessible to all, while not compromising on the quality of the buy. Conversely, the company does not cover their product under a warranty. This however is gainsaid by the quality of their product, which reviewers say is long-lasting and reliable.

Widely reviewed, this is the only model that does not provide a warranty, which makes sense because it’s cheaper. Despite the lack of warranty, the Yaheetech was included in the list of great trainer bike stands due to its great reviews, which were effusive. While all agreed that it was reliable, the few detractors said that the Yaheetech was a bit noisy, and the instruction manual could have been clearer. By no means deal-breakers, for those interested in budgeting and getting a solid bike trainer that gives you a good workout at a fraction of the price of the more expensive models, the Yaheetech Bike Stand is perfect for you.

#5: Unisky Bike Trainer Indoor Exercise Stand (Best for Mountain Bikes)

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The Unisky Bike Trainer has an ergonomically streamlined outline available in black or red, with some cool detailing. Like the others, the Unisky is steel and has a load capacity of 265 lbs. Able to accommodate 26-28 inch or 700c wheels, Unisky is made for mountain bikes, although it can hold road bikes as well, and utilizes magnetic resistance for the ideal resistance settings during your workouts. Like the Yaheetech, the Unisky has a double lock system, securing your workouts and making it stress-free.

The wide frame and the included riser block for the front wheel stabilize your workout, so whatever intensity you’re going at, your bike won’t buckle under the pressure. Additionally, the adjustable feet allow you to stabilize the bike stand on uneven surfaces, for the ideal angling and position. The noise-reducing resistance wheel makes this a quiet ride unless the tire treads are ridged, which magnifies the sound.

The product is affordable. While not the cheapest out there, someone needing a strong mountain bike frame should really invest in one more focused towards a mountain bike’s heftier tire frame.

The Unisky Trainer Bike Stand reviews were once again excellent. Consumers said this was a great product. One happy customer said that he weighs 200+ lbs. and felt very comfortable on this bike trainer stand, happily cycling away with no sway or wobble. Additionally, many commented that the noise was minimal and that setup and foldup were quick and easy, not causing too much hassle or taking up too much time.

Anyone looking for a simple, great way to incorporate exercise into a routine stymied by weather or governmental restrictions should consider the Unisky, with its leveling capacity, and compatibility with mountain bike treads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Stationary Bike Stand Definitely Right for Me?

When contemplating whether or not a bike stand is right for you, one of the main questions you should ask yourself is this: Do I have a bike? In all seriousness, for those of you considering a stationary stand, your main dilemma is deciding whether something more solid like a stationary bike is better for you, or if you will be satisfied with a bike stand.

Stationary bikes provide a whole swath of functions depending on how expensive you’re willing to go. The advanced machines track your time, distance, heart rate, and caloric burn. For the true athlete keeping close tabs on his exercise times, the lack of any sort of interface to display distance and calorie burn is a huge inconvenience to keeping track of his performance.

Additionally, stationary bikes are generally more accessible to people of different levels, including those who are recovering from serious injury. Coming in a range of setups from upright to recumbent, stationary bikes can accommodate all of the above and generally include more resistance levels, to make a wider range of easy and challenging workouts depending on the needs of the buyer. Finally, they are more accessible to the elderly, who can have a difficult time getting on and off the classic road or mountain bike, especially those with a high top bar.

That said, stationary bikes are very expensive and are only suitable for someone intending to move all or most of his workouts indoors, as such a high expense requires enough workouts for it to be worthwhile. If you are searching for a temporary fix in case of bad weather, then the stationary bike stand is a much better fit, as it is a more affordable option and most closely mimics the feeling of biking on the open road.

Additionally, for those hung up on space, a stationary bike is a large exercise machine, while the stationary bike trainer stand takes up much less space, and folded up, can be shoved in the corner or under the bed, optimizing the workout to your small living space.

Finally, while the stationary bike trainer does not have the high-grade technological add-ons that the stationary bike provides such as a heart rate monitor and timer, it does have enough resistance levels to provide a challenging workout. If you’re not super invested in keeping track of the minute details, this is a great alternative for you to just get some solid movement into an otherwise sedentary day shut up indoors.

How Do I Assemble a Stationary Bike Trainer?

Assembling a stationary bike stand is very easy. Essentially any model you buy will have a tutorial video showing you how to connect and detach your bike from the stand frame, as well as placing the supporting block under the front wheel for the natural angle of the floor.

Most models come preassembled, making it a two second job to setup. All you need do is unfold the bike stand when you’re ready to exercise, lock the rear axle between the two levers, and adjust the resistance wheel so that it is snug to the wheel but still allows it to turn smoothly. Next, place the leveling block under the front wheel and attach the resistance level controller to your handlebars. Just like that, you’re ready to go!

Verdict: The Best Stationary Bike Stand for You

It’s always difficult to decide which model from which company to get, and adverts always attempt to fool us into spending more money than we should. Accordingly, we’ve narrowed down the search to specific criteria and specific models highlighting different priorities.

If you’re looking for a generally good bike stand compatible with both mountain or road tires and high performing, choose the Sportneer Outdoor Bike Trainer, for its six resistance levels, nice quality, and good price.

To get the best of the best, if you can afford to invest a little more into a great bike stand that has no wobble and preserves the integrity of your tires, choose the Alpcour, offering a buyer group that was so pleased they forgot to complain.

Finally, if you’re hoping to budget and still have an awesome workout, go with the Yaheetech for a solid ride and a great look.

I hope this has helped you in your shopping process. Have a good day and happy cycling!

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